About Organization

Message from the Director General

Yasushi Nakauchi
Director General of Headquarters  for  International  Industry-University  Collaboration and Vice President(Industry-University  Collaboration), University of Tsukuba

Headquarters for International Industry-University Collaboration was established in April 2014 to strengthen relationships among university, industry and governmental institutes.

This organization’s role includes:

  1. facilitating technology transfer which leads to social and economic innovations to make a social contribution through research findings of the University of Tsukuba;
  2. obtaining more international utilization of intellectual properties by making improvements of their assessment;
  3. promoting cooperative researches with private enterprises as one of the most important means of technology transfer;
  4. supporting university spin-offs by facilitating technological incubation and transfer;
  5. promoting university-industry-governmental institutes cooperation within Tsukuba Science City and strengthening community relationships with local public organizations such as Ibaraki Prefecture, Tsukuba City and so forth;
  6. accumulating knowledge and skills as to intellectual properties, technology transfer and university spin-offs, nurturing human resources and seeking to transfer those knowledge and skills to other universities

We continuously make exertions to improve the organization of our office and to promote university-industry-governmental institutes cooperative activities in order to make more contribution to the progress of industry and society through transferring excellent research findings of the University of Tsukuba to the general public.