Research & Development Centers

About Research & Development Centers

Since July 1, 2015, the R&D centers have been sequentially founded under the Headquarters for International Industry-University Collaboration. They are founded for promoting joint research and development in academic fields of high social demands, and organizing a cooperative research system. Their operation cost only comes from an external fund such as a collaborative or sponsored research with private sectors. As the mission of a national university, we are responsible for education, research and social contribution. And the R&D centers are the new body which undertakes a role of social contribution. We are continuously supporting their centers and developing more R&D center of other fields in the future.

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Algae Biomass and Energy System R&D Center Click here for website

The world’s first comprehensive R&D center of Algae Biomass Energy System

R&D Center for Precision Medicine Click here for website

With the aim of the first 1000 dollar genome analysis base in Japan

R&D Center for Strategic Frontiers Social Planning Click here for website

Center for sustainable social infrastructure of future community

R&D Center for Sport Innovation

Japan’s first social experiment base of the national university  Athletic Department

R&D Center for Health Services

Japan’s first center of specializing in the discipline of services that bring health & happiness

R & D Center for Tailor-Made QOL

R & D Center for Working Persons’ Psychological Support

Research activities and building social contribution infrastructure related to psychological support for working persons.