Research & Development Centers

About Research & Development Centers

Since July 1, 2015, the R&D centers have been sequentially founded under the Headquarters for International Industry-University Collaboration. They are founded for promoting joint research and development in academic fields of high social demands, and organizing a cooperative research system. Their operation cost only comes from an external fund such as a collaborative or sponsored research with private sectors. As the mission of a national university, we are responsible for education, research and social contribution. And the R&D centers are the new body which undertakes a role of social contribution. We are continuously supporting their centers and developing more R&D center of other fields in the future.

Research & Development Centers leaflet

Research & Development Centers List

R&D Center for Precision Medicine (Inaugurated on January 1, 2017)leaflet

With the aim of the first 1000 dollar genome analysis base in Japan

R&D Center for Frontiers of MIRAI in Policy and Technology(Inaugurated on April 1, 2017)leaflet

Center for sustainable social infrastructure of future community

R&D Center for Sport Innovation(Inaugurated on April 1, 2017) leaflet

Japan’s first social experiment base of the national university  Athletic Department

R&D Center for Health Services(Inaugurated on July 1, 2017) leaflet

Japan’s first center of specializing in the discipline of services that bring health & happiness

R & D Center for Tailor-Made QOL(Inaugurated on February 1, 2019) leaflet

Development of ‘Tailor-Made QOL programs’ aimed at promoting health

R & D Center for Working Persons’ Psychological Support(Inaugurated on April 1, 2019) leaflet

Research activities and building social contribution infrastructure related to psychological support for working persons.

R&D Center for Innovative Material Characterization(Inaugurated on October 1, 2019) leaflet

Toward innovative measurement and evaluation technologies

R&D Center for Innovative Drug Discovery(Inaugurated on October 1, 2019) leaflet

100 years of vitality with new drugs and new technologies

R&D Center for Digital Nature(Inaugurated on June 1, 2020) leaflet

Investigating new relationships between computers and nature

R&D Center for Wellness Innovation(Inaugurated on July 1, 2020) leaflet

Aiming to Realize a Wellness Society Creating Mental and Physical Health

R&D Center for Smart Wellness City Policies(Inaugurated on november 1, 2020) leaflet

Evidence-based Policy Making for the realization of Smart Wellness & Long-lived Society

R&D Center for Lifestyle Innovation(Since April 1st, 2022) leaflet

Exploring lifestyle for health and well-being for the future

R&D Center for Zero CO2 Emission with Functional Materials(Since April 1st, 2022) leaflet

Toward carbon neutrality and hydrogen economy

Centers terminated due to expiration of the establishment period

Algae Biomass and Energy System R&D Center(July 1, 2015 – March 31, 2021)