“Briefing of Security Export Control 2012” was held.

On July 6th 2012 (Fri), “Briefing of Security Export Control 2012” was held twice (morning and afternoon) at the University Hall International Meeting Room (11 teaching staffs, 67 staffs, 1 student; total 79 participants). “Security Export Control” is “the control of exportation of objects that can be used as a weapon and/ or can become military utilization by nations or terrorists that can pose a threat to our nation’ security, to maintain our country’s international peace and safety.

Since the change in foreign exchange and foreign trade control law in April of 2009, and with that, the management regulation for technical provision was reinforced, compliance standards for export became mandatory, and penalty clause was reinforced. Because the security export control regulation became stricter, we have decided to set “University of Tsukuba, Security Export Control Regulation” in September 2010, to avoid the research results of our university members, such as of the teaching staffs, to be inappropriately utilized for weapons such as weapons of mass destruction and therefore pose a threat to peace and safety of the world, internationally. This briefing was aimed for faculty members and the members of various support offices to deepen their understanding. It outlined the laws and regulation, using specific examples and procedures. It was opened by Vice-President Masafumi Akahira’s greeting, followed by “summary of Security Export Control” by Export Control Advisor Nobuyuki Yamamoto from Center for Information on Security Trade Control (CISTEC), and “University of Tsukuba’s efforts in Security Export Control” by the university’s Department of Research Promotion, Export Control Manager Kazuyuki Komagata. At the end of the session an active question and answer by the two instructors and the participators occurred.

EXC120706_1 Vice-President Masafumi Akahira greeting
EXC120706_2 the two instructors
(Left: Export Control Manager Kazuyuki Komagata
Right: Export Control Advisor Nobuyuki Yamamoto)
EXC120706_3 staff members that listen closely to the briefing

▽ Briefing program (morning session/ afternoon session) (open only to members of the university)
▽ Briefing Materials
 ・ CISTEC Briefing of Security Export Control (open only to members of the university)
 ・ University of Tsukuba’s efforts in Security Export Control (open only to members of the university)

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